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Mukuru.com is an international remittance service provider. Mukuru started business as a money transfer company servicing the London to Zimbabwe corridor. Mukuru used innovative mobile technology to improve the efficiency and quality of service. This quality and speed led to a demand for similar offerings in other markets and now Mukuru are an international player servicing a multitude of international money transfer corridors. Mukuru.com will provide a number of cash-in points for Ethiopian diaspora living in the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe. This will allow M-BIRR customers in Ethiopia to receive money almost instantaneously from relatives and friends abroad.

NCL Technologies is a leading supplier in mobile application development. NCL has more 10 years experience in mobile software products and clients across the globe including mobile operators such as Vodafone, O2, MCel Safaricom and OEM suppliers such as Ericsson. MOSS will use NCL products as part of the mobile network infrastructure and connectivity.