Platform :: Built on industry standards

The software used to deliver the M-BIRR service is built on mature, proven and widely available technologies that have become the de facto components in any reliable, highly available and flexible system.

The technology used includes:

  • Java and J2EE - used for the core mobile service that require high availability and zero downtime (wallet functionality)
  • NCL Provato - a J2EE plug-in used to integrate to the mobile network and convert mobile protocols (USSD and SMS) into a reliable web service
  • JBOSS - Java Enterprise Application Server (professionally supported by Red Hat)
  • DB2 industry standard database - for storing value electronically (accounts/wallets) and monetary transactions, audit logging etc. and data replication
  • Ruby on Rails - front end application development and testing, fast turnaround¬†of custom requirements
  • Hibernate - Java object to relationship mapping and data abstraction allowing for database vendor independence in J2EE
  • Spring - Java configuration and management framework

The MOSS platform is deployed on a 3-tiered architecture in multiple sites with multiple firewalls in a secure hosted environment with VPN remote access by the financial institutions.